Friday, October 28, 2011

Guys' Night

So Allison and Kelly went out to some girls party tonight (still not back at 10:12...which is late for both of must have been good). Well, Bri and I decided to make a good time of our time without the girls. Our first stop was the fitness center. Really, I swim laps while Bri makes due with the kid area, which includes a water slide, river walk, whirl pool, and one of those bucket dump things...he has it pretty rough. I was excited to get front row parking there, we usually have quite the hike to get in, can you believe having to walk to go work out! So, we get into the locker room and I look at Bri, who usually has our stuff in the back back and ask, "Where's the back back?" "Back back? Whoops?" comes the reply. "So it's in the car? Where's our suits then?" "In the back pack," comes the reply from the dad next to us, laughing at us. So...much for the short walk in today.

Good time swimming though. I think I finally have a pair of goggles that don't fill up with water...which is nice because I was beginning to believe, due to past performance of several pair, that I misunderstood the purpose of goggles. So a little sore (at least for me, Bri piped up that he was not) we left the fitness center. I gave him the choice of dinner out or Monopoly (his choice of game lately) at home. He chose that we could pick-up dinner at Wendy's and go home and play Monopoly :) Wendy's was good, but I wouldn't recommend their new Ranch Fries...not exactly a winner on that one. However, after a back and forth game of Monopoly I still managed to prevail and regain some dignity (he won the last one). I'm just thankful for the speed die that keeps the game to a reasonable time, by reasonable I mean two hours.

Half a chapter of Narnia and the kid is off to bed. I thought he would have crashed quickly, but he just responded to my question of, "You still awake?" With a quick, "Yes, dad!", so guess I was wrong. Narnia has been great though. We are on the 7th book (thanks for the gift Ron) on the second time through them. CS Lewis is a genius author. The kids love them and they are packed full of great lessons!

That's about it for now, bug Allie and hopefully she can tell you about her evening!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Ok, so I guess that I shouldn't really complain, my in-laws in Minnesota said they woke up to below freezing temperatures already this fall...but it was 39 degrees this morning. I had not realized how much we had adjusted to South Carolina until these last  few days.

So I didn't get to watch Michigan State play yesterday. I heard that it wasn't pretty, but a win is a it was over Ohio State. So that was good. We were on our way to a picnic with a bunch of people from our neighborhood. Wow was that cold...but it worked out pretty well. It wasn't raining (which it had for the past three days...the Tigers game even got rained out on Friday), but the wind was pretty strong. It stayed that way through dinner and during the message (which was outstanding), but it died down right before the hayride and everything felt a lot warmer then. It may also have been b/c it was a great hayrides...or rather there were two tractors and wagons. They kept leapfrogging each other or even driving in loops and going past each other...which led to some pretty good hay battles between the wagons. They even stopped at one point so we could just get off and throw hay at each other, although that led to a little less comfortable ride on the way back. Brian's comment, "That was fun, but boy is that hay itchy." I believe we will be finding a hay around our house for quite sometime. Too bad the Tigers couldn't pull out the win.

Today was more sports day. First up was Brian's soccer game. The weather was beautiful, the play...not quite so much. Brian's team does a great job when the ball comes to them, they just don't seem to motivated to run any distance to get it. I think the best was when they they made a great stop and the ball got kicked into an open area of the field and not one kid ran to get it...they just stood there. It was comical to watch the coaches and parents encouraging the no run and get the ball. I admit my bias, but I was happy to see that Brian hustled well...which I appreciate b/c that is about the only skill I have in sports. Then I get to watch a crazy comeback by the lions, get beat in Wii bowling by my son, and now am relaxing while watching some goofy offensive efforts by the jets and ravens (4 turnovers returned for touchdowns at this point).

Fun quotes from Kelly, in response to me saying she is getting pretty big, "Yeah, that's b/c I'm almost 7". For those of you counting, and knowing she is five and her birthday isn't til May, she followed this up with, "I'm almost six and then I'll soon be seven."
After a several minute discussion with the neighbors about how old their 9 mo. old baby is, she has now determined that he is zero.