Sunday, August 23, 2009

This and that

A busy week all in all. A lot of work with AO and I'm about ready to never hear the words insurance score, underwriting tier, or anything like that again. But we've made some progress and that is it keeps me busy.

Wednesday was a good day. I finished up my final paper for my summer class...just in time for my other classes to start this coming week...but I had a few days break in between the work. So that was nice. I've been trying to start reviewing some Greek and get into Hebrew a little to ease into this semester...yeah...I'm good at procrastinating :) After I finished the paper I went next door to celebrate with my neighbor by playing a little Mortal Kombat v DC on the 360. As an amateur comic book fan (at least compared to a few friends) I was quite pleased and thought it was well done.

Finally, we took a return trip over to the tattoo artist to touch up my tattoo. That's probably news for most...but as many of you know I lost my wedding ring awhile ago and I talked about getting a ring tattoo...but couldn't decide what to get. In the end, I just decided to go for it and have the lady at the tattoo place (it had some great reviews online) design me something and go from there. You can't get too creative with just a small finger, but she made some interwoven infinity signs (one for each of us) and I think I like the outcome. It hurt quite a bit to get it done...more than I expected...but was also a lot faster than I expected. I'm really always very impressed with artists as my creativity is zero, I can't really draw a straight line well...let alone a circle, and I'm what I like to call color stupid. I can see colors just fine...but I cannot for the life of me tell you what looks good together. So I'm quite happy with it and actually look like I at least have something on my ring finger. Allison loves it...she had no idea that I was doing it...although it did take her awhile to notice...I think her seeing the aftercare instructions laying on the counter that it was what tipped her off. Hopefully I'll post some pictures of it soon. Oh...didn't mention that this was our it was kinda a gift for her. Hard to believe that we have been married nine years now.

Speaking of the anniversary...lots of marriage stuff going on besides the anniversary. They had a couples night at the church which we took our neighbor to. We watched Fireproof and discussed it afterward. This is an amazing video that I recommend to anybody...alright the acting isn't necessarily the greatest at some points. But it more than makes up for it with the content. We had seen it before, but our neighbor had it was pretty cool for us to think about again and be challenged by what it demonstrates. Our neighbor said it was really good and I hope we have time to talk about it some more.

Yup...more marriage stuff. Saturday saw us take off for Greenville (about 1 1/2 away) for our final round of pre-marriage counseling with some friends. It has been a great privilege to get to do this with them. I think that we have been able to share some good things and it has been extremely challenging to both of us go back over a lot of this information in order to reevaluate how we are doing. I definitely can do a better job at loving my wife...and this was a good challenge to show me some areas where I can do that. She is wonderful and deserves everything and anything that I can give her.

The sad part of the day came when we returned to Columbia to find that Kelly had left her doll and blanket in the McDonald's play place back in Greenville. Yup, she could tell us exactly where she left it...but it was an 1 1/2 away and they were closed up by then. We called today and they found it. We have to call back tomorrow to see if they can send it to us or something. Meanwhile we are dealing with a 3 year on her blanket/baby withdrawal...but she's coping pretty well most of the time.


  1. Wow, a ring tattoo! Did you feel like it was a big risk? You can't be an undercover spy now, tattoos are too easy to identify. ;) I don't think Sarah would be happy if I came home with one because she had this dream when she was pregnant... I better not share that one on-line, but at Brian's party be sure to ask me about it. Do post a shot of it for us.

    Nine years, congratulations. We just had our decalicous anniversary (yay, a babysitter and sushi dinner). I hope you guys have the same "always together" sentiments we have, can't even remember life without each other.

    Are you going into second classes in Greek and Hebrew? I think learning language is great. Sarah got me a greek course for my birthday two years back and I enjoyed that, but didn't get far enough into it before something else came up.

  2. I am in my second year of Greek and first year of Hebrew. Hebrew vowels are crazy. But, I am loving the insights I get from these studies. I got to meet once a week this summer to study Philippians in Greek with my professor for this year. Such an awesome mind.

    I think one of the better comments however, came from my Hebrew professor...last year when I told him I was debating about taking Hebrew (it is optional for me). He looks at my friend and I and then up and begins, "Look at the sky, look at the birds, look at the trees..." It was a beautiful day, but he goes on like this for what seemed a couple minutes...and began talking about how wonderful God must be to make all of this. Then he finishes with something along this line, "...and this God deemed it worthwhile to open His mouth and speak to His holy can anyone say that English is good enough?" :)