Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some family updates

Well, as a friend pointed out...I'm "officially" now into the third decade of my life as I turned 31 yesterday. It was a pretty good day. It started a little earlier than I would have liked as Brian had his first soccer (his favorite sport) game and had to be there early for pictures. It was what you would expect for little kid soccer; the coach yelling, "Spread out" and the kids all bunching together around the ball. It is comical to watch if anyone hasn't lately. They get about 8-10 kids around the ball and one kid kicks it as hard as he can. It bounces off about four of them and then goes out in some random direction -reminds me of pinball - the kids then chase it down and it begins again. Brian's team had a few all star eight year olds though - they are really good - and so they managed to win 3-1 and Brian was excited. All the parents make a tunnel after the game for both teams to run through...which seemed to excite the kids more than playing...and then they had I think both teams were happy at that point (win or lose). The afternoon was spent mostly relaxing...did a little homework...and then Red Robin for dinner. Mmmm, bottomless fries, burger w/ an egg, and freckled lemonade. So good...I haven't eaten so many fries in a long time. Back home and somehow fell asleep on the couch at 9...all in all a good day.

Kelly has now master how to pull up youtube veggie tales on my phone (I bookmarked it but she does the rest)...with play by play. "I push the world, then I push the star, then push veggie tales, then I wait for the red thing (that's the loading bar)". She even knows how to scroll up and down to pick the ones she wants to watch. So this is one of her favorite things to do now and so my phone is constantly requested. She seems slightly more perplexed by Allison's because it isn't a touch screen...despite her best efforts to prove otherwise. Her other new endeavor (Allison's really) is ballet class. But despite my wife's best efforts Kelly stands around and watches during class. Allison can convince her to dance here at home, but she seems a little to shy with the other kids and her teachers. Oh well, we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Aside from trying to encourage Kelly's dancing career, Allison has been enjoying her linguistics class...had a big project due this week though...and is really enjoying that I am a year older than her...for the next two weeks at least.

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  1. hey there. i just read this. (a little late) that's so great about brian's first soccer game and also about kelly in ballet. i'm sure she'll come around. sounds like everything is going great out there. we miss you guys - have a good one! - Becca Rajasekhar