Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deer Season

Not one to stray too far from our Michigan roots Allison did her best to try to get herself a deer last Tuesday. Nope she hasn't taken up bow, rifle, or even black powder. Her preferred weapon of choice is a 3000 pound Honda Accord. We were driving down the road near coming back to our house when she sighted her target, a big doe coming out of the woods just in front of us. However, I don't know whether she decided that she's not much of a hunter or maybe she wanted a buck because she tried to brake, but she tried to brake. Braking was an excellent choice as swerving one way would have taken us into trees and the other would have been the oncoming car that barely missed the deer itself. Yet, she must not have wanted the deer to escape without a solid warning so a slight collision was made. The deer bounced off, seemed quite unaffected, and ran off into the woods. The car received a bent hood and everybody inside was quite safe...although Kelly's nap was disturbed. So in the end, some quick reflexes from Allison seemed to have saved all and insurance (thanks goes to Jason Atkinson for pointing out how little it costs to lower comp deductible) will cover the damage and we will have a rental car for our trip to my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

So that was our big excitement for the week...but no venison for us it seems. I also had a Hebrew exam this week that went pretty well, despite that we ended up with a never seen before vocab word (many apologies from the prof on that one). Yesterday was pretty busy as our church had a community day and we had a huge turnout from the kids, not as many parents, but everyone had a great time as they had a couple of the air bouncers, cotton candy, snow cones, and even a dare van complete with an x-box 360.

In other language learning news, it looks like we will be having a Russian night each week where we'll have a couple people over for dinner and try to all work on learning/practicing our Russian together. Kelly is actually doing quite well with her Russian as she understands most anything Allison tells her, although she much prefers to respond in English. She has also added to her English vocab. "Oh snap" is her new favorite phrase.


  1. Glad that everyone is OK! That Jason Atkinson...he's a smart one!

  2. :) Glad you're okay! :) Sweet about the Russian nights! how fun! :-)

  3. Oh snap! What's next? Drop it like it's hot? ;-)