Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Easter Update

Hi all,

Just wanted to try to get a quick update put out here. I'm still trying to be a little more regular about it. We had a nice Easter down here. Brian and Kelly are on break, so we did some good family time on Friday and Saturday. We found a Good Friday service at a cool old church downtime that I have wanted to visit for quite some time. The Pastor, Ferguson Sinclair, was excellent, living up to everything I had heard about him. Afterward, we just wandered around down town Columbia, which is always fun. We found a fun shop for ice cream and they amazingly had the best flavor of all, Black Cherry (I don't usually find much outside Michigan). I'm unsure if Kelly enjoyed the ice cream or the downtown fountain more. Saturday we mostly relaxed together. Allison attempted, in vain, to wash the pollen off the car. Actually she succeeded, but you wouldn't know that a short bit later (I have never seen as much pollen as they have down here). The bad news Saturday was that MSU lost (as well as Duke winning), but on a bright note they recently opened a BW3's down here, so that was an enjoyable find. Easter day was an interesting mix. Service was nice in the morning and we relaxed all afternoon and played some games as a family. Brian's game of choice was Rummikub, although Kelly's help was mostly going around and telling what each of us had in our hands. So lots of fun and Allison made some good food, however we do miss family on these days.

Speaking of family, there is again some hard stuff going on back in Michigan., so please keep my family in prayer.

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  1. hey john, happy to hear you guys had a great Easter. i spent one of my first Easters away from family and that was strange but interestingly that allowed me to do more spiritual reflecting on Easter than I normally do, to that was a blessing.

    anyway, mike and i miss you guys a lot... all the time. so many of the best memories of our lives (especially during college) involve you guys! :) we will be keep you and your Michigan family in our prayers.

    God Bless, Becca R