Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 months later

Wow, can't believe it has been two months since the last post. I feel like every week I intend to post something, but something comes up. The last couple months of school were pretty busy, but everybody finished the semester well. So I have 3 classes and some internship work left (I should finish the classes in May and then we'll see about the internship). Allison also has three classes, but she is dropping down to one for the spring semester so she can spend some more time with the kids (she felt a little overwhelmed with too many classes this last semester). Brian is halfway through fourth grade and enjoying it (except for homework...which he believes just gets in the way of play time). He is creative in trying to get out of it, but so far has not succeeded. Pretty sure that if he put half as much effort into getting it done as figuring out ways around it he would not only have mastered fractions, but probably moved onto calculus by now. I have to give him credit for the creative ideas he comes up with though :) And Kelly, she still loves school and is heartbroken any day she doesn't get to go. She finished up with some cute musical presentations (I think some pics and maybe a video are on Allison's facebook) and we are now never without some musical entertainment from her as we drive around, play...or whatever. The good news...I taught her the MSU fight song...and she sings better than me.

So, as many of you know, we are in Michigan now. Had a great time at a wedding yesterday, some friends from school (who are also from Michigan) had the foresight to know that I would be much happier at their wedding than watching MSU and UofM bowl games yesterday (thanks Justin). Other than that, we have had a great time seeing family and friends and getting reacquainted with snow (at least while it was here). We managed to have a great time tubing and skiing up in TC before heading down state to green southern Michigan for the last few days. We even got in a painful hour of Brian, Allison, and I attempting to snowboard. My hour was really spent walking Bri down the hill, but he did a great job of keeping trying and made some great progress. Allison was quite proud that she made it down the hill once without a crash.

No skiing for Kelly, it also seemed that she did not remember snow. When we arrived in Michigan she saw it and excitedly proclaimed, "It's snowing!" (really it was just on the ground). Upon touching it she proclaimed, "Woo, it's cold." Coming back out (from McDonald's) she again proclaimed, "It's snowing!" It was this time, but then the wind blew hard and she again said, "Woo, it's cold". Finally upon arriving at Mike's she excitedly ran down their drive-way, back-up, back-down, then tried to turn onto the sidewalk and absolutely wiped-out. She just lay there for a few moments in snow trying to figure out why things were so harm and much of the rest of her time has been spent bossing around various cats and dogs.

Well, that's probably enough for now. Hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Years and it was great seeing many of you...wish we could have seen more and spent more time with everybody, but it always seems to be that way.

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