Sunday, August 7, 2011

Classes Update

So Allie and I just finished up our summer classes. For her, she had a quite challenging one, but she persevered well and I think learned quite a bit (I'll leave that for her to share). For me, yes I did walk in May, but I had one internship credit left to do and finished that up on Friday. So that means that I officially have now finished all requirements for my degree! Allie should hopefully follow soon as she has just one more course to complete her certificate. She is thinking of taking a break this fall as we get things together for our next step, but hopefully next spring or summer should see her finishing up as well.

So, again the question about what our next step is... well, how about a kid update first. Kel and Bri had swim lessons last week. They loved them and Kel can now "swim" a good distance with no floats. I say "swim" because it is quite comical to watch as she paddles along with just her eyes above the water and then manages to pop her head up for intermittent gasps of air. But she has a blast doing it and is quite proud that she will now put her head under water. Bri was more excited about the new toe straps on his bike. He has loved them, but they have led to some interesting crashes. His first attempt going up a hill came a little short and he realized stopping was not quite so easy when his feet were strapped in. But he did much better after that... for awhile. Early last week he decided to look down while trying to get his feet in the straps... not a good idea going down a hill. Smack into the guardrail by the creek he went... no major injuries though, just some bruises and a few scrapes that are healing well... thankfully. God really does watch over little kids. Lesson learned - biking goes a lot better when you watch where you're going.

Alright, so onto our plans. We are really hoping to head up to Detroit by the beginning of September to do some work up there before heading overseas. There is a great opportunity for some further training and it looks like things are coming together so that we can do that. We should know early this week for sure, but please keep those plans in your prayers. We will let everybody know some more soon, but, just another reminder that it will work better for us to use email. Allie will be sending one soon... so if you are not on her list and would like to be, just drop her or I an email... or even just leave a comment.

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