Thursday, September 22, 2011

Allie's Adventures

Allie's Adventures:

So to make friends in our new town, I'm trying some different methods. We went swimming at the Community Center we've recently joined and I decided to try and lock my keys in a locker there.  I didn't actually realize I had left the keys in the locker until Kel & I went into the locker room after swimming.  That's when I looked at her and asked "Who has the key?"  She shrugs an "I don't know" and it hits me that the keys are in the bottom of the bag that I nicely placed in our locker & locked up before we went swimming. As a result, I met several of the lifeguards on staff, including one very strong young woman who was able to cut off our lock with a pair of bolt cutters.  Hopefully she can be a role model for my daughter. We also met several people in the locker room as we drew a crowd with our escapades.

My next attempt at locking the locker was also not very successful.I bought some glow-dial combination locks on clearance at MC Sports, because hey, they were on clearance.  Well, unfortunately, the U part of the lock proved to be a tad bit too long for the locker, so I had to jam it in there and pry it out, all the while crushing my fingers to lock my lock.  My husband has simply shaken his head and wondering why I didn't just buy a regular ol' combination lock. I tried to explain, "but they were on CLEARANCE."  He just didn't get it.  Maybe next week I'll fare better against the lockers.

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